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Bunz CEO Sascha Mojtahedi on Imagination and Believing in Yourself

Travel tips from the man who successfully swapped his corporate banking job to launch the trading app Bunz.

Sascha Mojtahedi

Talk about an economic shift: In 2014, Sascha Mojtahedi traded in his corpor-ate banking job to launch an app for Bunz, the cash-free bartering platform where Canadians swap items like concert tees for toasters. What started as a secret Facebook group in Toronto is now the “Bunziverse,” with 1 million users across the country and its very own cryptocurrency, BTZ.

1. My business mantra Nothing bad can come of good intentions.

2. My eureka moment When I realized that good business means focusing on the users and community, rather than profits and margins.

3. Best place for a business lunch Can it be a dinner? Lake Inez in Toronto. I’ll share a bottle of Pearl Morissette, a wine from Jordan, Ontario, and appetizers like Filipino-style mussels.

4. In business, now’s a good time to have an imaginative mind when thinking about how technology can change your business.

5. What I had to learn on the fly Communication. If my team and I can’t relay things clearly, then we’re flying blind.

6. I’m currently reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, which features insights from leaders like Marc Andreessen of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

7. The biggest risk I ever took was quitting my job to become an entrepreneur. You really have to believe in yourself and your ideas.

8. Dream seatmate Jay Kay from jazz-funk band Jamiroquai. I love his music, and we share a passion for classic cars.

9. In my carry-on, you’ll find a laptop, a back-up battery, a book, a sweater and a winter hat, since I run cold.

10. I always listen to one song on repeat at full volume. It creates a meditative state that helps me focus.