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How to Pack like a Wellness Guru

A scent-sational packing list from the creators of Vancouver-based Vitruvi essential oils.

Sara and Sean Panton

For Vancouver-based siblings Sara and Sean Panton, essential oils just make scents. With backgrounds in global health (Sara) and business (Sean), they launched aromatherapy line Vitruvi in 2015, sourcing essential oils from 30 countries so you can add French eucalyptus to your morning ritual and ylang-ylang from Madagascar before bed. We caught up with them before their next business trip, to Palm Springs, California.

What are your packing styles?
Sara: Very organized. I use packing cubes and stick to a uniform – jeans, a silk shirt from Everlane, a blazer and Blundstones.
Sean: Ditto on the organization, minus the packing cubes.

How do you stay healthy on the go?
Sara: I’ve tailored my whole wellness routine around travel, since we’re on the road at least a week every month. I always do the same morning workout – squats, push-ups and a plank – and I eat a plant-based diet.
Sean: I work out in the hotel gym. And I make sure to stick to my healthy diet, except when it comes to breakfast – I always have eggs, bacon and toast.

Where did the inspiration for Vitruvi come from?
Sara: I went to Morocco when I was 19 and was taken by the spa rituals there. People go to hammams or a steam room and apply oils and it’s not frivolous or fancy – it’s an everyday thing. In North America, we’ve lost that sense of ritual, so that’s what inspired our first collection of roll-ons and mists.

What’s the best essential oil to use in flight?
Sara: My favourite is lavender because it’s calming and has natural antimicrobial and anti- bacterial properties. I put a drop on the bridge of my eye mask.
Sean: Bergamot is also subtle and comforting. I just dab a bit on my wrists.

What's in the bag of Sara and Sean Panton

Sara: This leather wallet from the brand Minor History holds only the cards I need.

02 TEA
Sara: I try not to drink too much coffee when I’m travelling, so I picked up these single-portion Neat Matcha Sticks from CAP Beauty in New York. I just add them to hot water.

03 BAG
Sara: Away’s new Everywhere Bag slides on top of my Away Carry-On and has a cubby for my passport, laptop – even an umbrella. It then becomes my day bag at my destination.

Sara: I keep Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, with me at all times. It reminds me that you can create a unique company culture without following the rules.

Sean: Sara introduced me to this Everyone natural hand sanitizer. It smells like coconut and lemon.

Sean: Our dad was a police officer and Moleskines were his staple – he just retired and sent us a picture of 30 years’ worth of them. He gets us each one every Christmas.

Sean: I use our Grove essential oil blend, which is spruce, cedarwood, fir and pine, in the shower in the morning. I put a few drops on a face cloth on the tub floor and then let the water hit it, turning the shower into an aromatic mini steam room.

Sean: Our other business partner, Charles Chang, founded Vega, so I’ve been drinking their berry Electrolyte Hydrator every day for two and a half years. They come in to-go pouches, perfect for travel.