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One on One with Jason Jones

The actor and comedian on family vacations, Calgary film crews and backpacks full of stuffed animals.

Jason Jones

Hometown Hamilton, Ontario

Home Base New York

Claim to Fame Appearing on The Daily Show for 10 years, alongside wife, fellow Canadian and co-creator of The Detour, Samantha Bee

Current Projects Promoting season three of The Detour, which premieres January 23 on TBS and, in Canada, on The Comedy Network on January 25

Last Vacation “I took my family to Puerto Rico last spring. I want to go back to spend some money and volunteer.”

Why did you choose to film this season of The Detour, which is set in alaska, in Calgary?
Calgary is becoming a giant hub for film production, and it’s stood in for Alaska many times. Yes, American dollars go further in Canada, but the crews are world-class, too.

Did your family get to join you in Alberta?
They came up for three weeks and it was fantastic. We went to Banff and Lake Louise, and I taught my daughter to ride a bike. They enjoyed suburban life, which they don’t really get to do in Manhattan.

What does travelling as a family look like for you?
I recently asked my three kids to pack for a weekend trip to Boston. They asked why we were going there, and I told them, “Because we’ve never been. The Boston Tea Party!” They didn’t know what that was, which meant I needed to take them. So they all pack their bags, and they’re filled with stuffed animals. I explained to them, no, clothes go in here, toothbrushes, underwear. Maybe one stuffed animal. I’m trying to get to a point where we can take last-minute trips.

My youngest is seven, so we’re almost there.

Travelling on assignment was a big part of your job on The Daily Show. What do you miss about it?
One of my most memorable assignments was when I travelled to Iran. Not only did those segments open my eyes, but I think they also opened a lot of Americans’ eyes about the people there, and the fact that they are not accurately represented by the regime. Going to places that I’d never seen – or never would see were it not for work – was my favourite part of being on the show.



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