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For Australian identical twins Kim and Zoe Roebuck, healthy skin has always been a family affair. In 2010, the daughters of physicians launched Dr Roebuck’s, based on the homemade natural formula their parents developed in the 1970s. The brand is quickly becoming the cream of the crop in Canada, with the country’s largest drugstore chain now stocking their products. We caught up with them before a flight from Sydney to Kim’s new home base in Vancouver.

Kim and Zoe Roebuck

What’s your packing style?
Kim Roebuck: I roll everything, then put a nice jacket on top.
Zoe Roebuck: I’ll just take one or two outfits and a toothbrush and then borrow Kim’s clothes when I get to Canada.

What’s it like to live on opposite sides of the world?
KR: When we were working together in the same country, we would often double up on what we were doing. Now we’re not stepping on each other’s toes.
ZR: And she’ll be back in Sydney a lot because half our business is here in Australia.

Any tips for recovering from the long flights?
ZR: Coffee at the other end! Luckily in Vancouver there are great coffee houses, like 49th Parallel.
KR: And we go to a hair salon and get a blow-dry. It makes me feel like a new person, and I don’t have to think about my hair for three days.

How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle?
KR: I exercise every day – yoga four times a week and some spinning and running.
ZR: I make sure I know exactly where my food is sourced. The markets in Vancouver are beautiful, and they sell produce labelled as being from British Columbia. I wish we had something like that in Sydney.



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