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Knix Founder Joanna Griffiths Wants You to Love Yourself

The CEO of the booming intimate-apparel brand on the advice she'd give her younger self and taking risks.

Joanna Griffiths

Joanna Griffiths is shaking up the intimate-apparel industry – and it’s not just because her Toronto-based com-pany makes underwire-free bras. Since launching in 2013, Knix has promoted inclusivity, offering a wide range of sizes and photographing women of all shapes and backgrounds. They’re also sparking conversations around issues like fertility, with a podcast on the topic coming this spring.

1. My go-to app Slack. It’s our team’s mass communication tool – we don’t really use e-mail.

2. I’m currently reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike. I also read The Business of Fashion e-newsletter every day.

3. Advice I’d give to my younger self The more you love yourself, the more you have to give back. Seeing our customers feel empowered reminds me of this.

4. Best place for a business lunch La Palma, around the corner from our office, on Dundas Street West in Toronto. I always order the charred broccolini and the cacio e pepe pizza.

5. Favourite vacation spot Miami. I like to strike a balance between South Beach and the urban arts scene at Wynwood Walls.

6. In business, now’s a good time to start your own thing. Thanks to companies like Shopify, you can have an online storefront in 30 minutes.

7. The biggest risk I ever took was in 2016, when we pulled out of around 800 retail stores to go 100-percent online. It ended up being the best choice we ever made.

8. My business mantra “No hands, no cookies,” which is all about putting your hand up when you see something you want.

9. Dream seatmate Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, who was the first business leader that I related to.

10. I always listen to NPR’s How I Built This podcast, to hear different founders’ stories of resilience.