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5 Unique Ways to Enjoy Licorice in Denmark, from Beer to Baked Goods

Get a taste of the Danish national treasure in different forms.

Bornholms Ismejeri makes gelato and sorbet

Bornholms Ismejeri makes gelato and sorbet (and Mermaid’s vegan wine gums) in a rainbow of flavours, from licorice to spruce tip to elderberry.

Svaneke Bryghus beers

Svaneke Bryghus brews more than two dozen unfiltered beers, including seasonal and specialty brews like the sea buckthorn-laced Altid Sommer! (Always Summer) and, of course, licorice.
Licorice at Lakrids

Salty chili cranberry, chocolate-covered, passion-fruit-and-chocolate-covered… sample Denmark’s most famous licorice at Lakrids by Johan Bülow.

Snaps Bornholm

In step with local tastes, Snaps Bornholm has added No. 7 Lakrids, an organic, licorice-flavoured aquavit, to its growing spirits offering.

KonditorBager Bornholm licorice squares

KonditorBager Bornholm puts the black gold to delicious use in its baked goods. Don’t miss the raspberry-licorice squares.



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