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Jazz Up Your Home with Design Tiles from Lisbon

Surrealejos' tiles with a twist on tradition are our senior editor Caitlin Walsh Miller's favourite souvenir from the Portuguese capital.

Surrealejos tiles

Photo: Mathieu Lévesque; prop stylist: Rodrigo Sergio Eguren Raez

“It all started with a post on Apartment Therapy – something about jazzing up your rental with tiles glued on plywood. So once I knew I’d be in Lisbon, I thought: Yes, I will acquire tiles and I will craft. I came across Surrealejos, Luca Colapietro’s workshop, on the cusp of the hilly, historic Alfama neighbourhood. After moving to the city three years ago, the Italian art director became obsessed – ‘kidnapped,’ to use his word – by the azulejos, or tiles; some of his surreal designs even came to him in a dream. Traditional graphic elements are swapped out for living ones like eggplants, anatomical hearts, saintly foxes and pandas, and, of course, sardines – my choice, as these tiles will (eventually) live in my kitchen. It’s a real ceramic menagerie.”

Surrealejos Sumo de Sardinhas, €20 each
Calçada de Santo André 5, Lisbon,