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After playing basketball in high school, Montreal-born Mark Bayne found a great way to stay involved in the sport. As a Nike basketball sports marketing field representative for Canada, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, he's having a ball scouting and sponsoring promising athletes, organizations and events. We caught up with him before he flew to New York for the Jordan Brand Classic, an all-star tournament showcasing the world's best high school basketball players.

Mark Bayne

What's your packing style?
I'm an overpacker, plus I'm a big guy, so my clothes take up a lot of space. Often I go straight from a formal affair to the gym, so I need a bunch of different clothes.

Which city has the most devoted fans?
Basketball is very strong in Puerto Rico. Once we drove for two hours to this arena in the middle of the jungle, and it was full of fans who were there just to watch the national team practise.

Can you ever just kick back watching a game, or are you always scouting?
I always watch games through a lens: I'm looking at what people are wearing on their feet, the types of advertising in the arena, any new technology around the game. It's work, but it's definitely a lot of fun.

Any rituals when you're on the road?
I collect the "You Are Here" mugs from Starbucks. I started casually, and now I search for them in every city. Even when I'm racing to the airport, I have to stop to pick one up! I also keep the tickets and access passes of every game and event I've ever gone to in a big shoebox. I've never gone through it, but I will one day.



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