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How Freshii CEO Matthew Corrin Stays Healthy on the Road

The restaurant founder and CEO dishes on his favourite app and how he learned to stay fit on the fly.

Matthew Corrin

Winnipeg native Matthew Corrin founded Freshii in 2005, at the age of 23. Today, he’s at the helm of the world’s fastest-growing restaurant brand, with 300 locations in 15 countries, a partnership with WE Charity that helps feed over 1 million children annually, and dishes on the Air Canada­ Café menu from October 1. It turns out you can make friends with salad.

1. My go-to app The Nike+ Run Club app, which tracks my mileage and pace.

2. My eureka moment When I realized that the more convenient and affordable we can make healthy eating, the more likely it is that somebody will choose it over a slice of pizza or a burger.

3. Best place for a business lunch A Freshii in the city where I’ve just landed. It reminds me that we’re helping people everywhere live more energized lives through our food.

4. What I had to learn on the fly To offset a perpetual lack of sleep by drinking water and running every single day.

5. In business, now’s a good time to avoid peaking. I want to keep rising, in business and in life.

6. The biggest risk I ever took Opening the first Freshii without having worked a day in the restaurant business. All the worst things happened in the first 30 days, from my chef cutting his finger off to being robbed – twice. It was a battle.

7. My business mantra Talk is cheap, execution sets you apart. If I hadn’t ground it out through that first month, I would not be here today.

8. In my carry-on, you’ll find several packs of gum. I always have peppermint and classic bubble gum on me.

9. I always listen to my best friend, who reminds me that life is more fun when you’re kind. I can go to this person for advice on decisions in business, my personal life, fatherhood – and I trust that I’ll get an honest opinion.

10. Window or aisle? Aisle. I’m an excessive water drinker.



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