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If you’ve ever watched Mike Holmes renovate disaster-struck homes on HGTV’s Holmes Makes It Right, then it’s easy to understand why he landed the number three spot on Forbes’ Most Trustworthy Celebrities list. No wonder Ellen DeGeneres once proposed to the Toronto native on her show.
My Toronto

01 Dreamworx Ink

I was a teen when I got my first tattoos. Here’s the wild part: I trademarked the name Make It Right a few years ago after I met the owner of Dreamworx and he said my tattoos were done all wrong and that he needed to “make it right.” I never thought I’d get a tattoo from my shoulder to my mid-arm, but I did.

3883 Rutherford Rd. #11, Bldg. A, Woodbridge, Ontario, 905-605-2663,

02 La Castile

I’ve been to a lot of nice restaurants across Canada, especially in Toronto, but my favourite place of all is La Castile. It’s like a small castle, and it has quiet, refined service and a great New York strip steak.

2179 Dundas St. E, Mississauga, 905-625-1137,

03 Lake Ontario

I bought my first boat about six or seven years ago. It was like stepping over a threshold into serenity. My first thought was to buy a 27-footer. Then I got “10-foot-itis.” So I bought a 37-footer. Then I bought a 47-footer. Now I have a beautiful condo on the water. My truck just automatically drives there when I’m supposed to be going home.

04 The CN Tower

I was brought up in the Broadview and Queen area. As kids, we rode our bikes and played street hockey right on Lewis Street. We were very poor growing up, so we never had a lot of chances to go to big events, but I watched the CN Tower being built. I thought, I want to build things like that when I get older.

301 Front St. W., 416-868-6937,

05 Watch It!

I have a very big watch collection. I love Nixons for their big faces. I think the whole world knows what watch I’m wearing on the show based on the thousands of e-mails I get!

317 Yonge St., 416-597-2929,

06 The Keg

Every once in a while, I hang out with the crew after work because we don’t get to do that enough. We usually go to a place like the Keg, which I love; it’s really comfortable. I eat there in almost any city I’m in, and Toronto has the famous Mansion Keg.

515 Jarvis St., 416-964-6609,



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Keg Community

Friday, May 9th 2014 14:39
Thank you for the mention! We are humbled to be a part of your favourite spots and really enjoy being the place that you and your crew can come and relax.
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