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Sarah Gadon can check "superhero blockbuster" off her bucket list, with a role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Despite four other movies set for release this year, the film student has no plans to leave Toronto for Tinseltown.

01 Artscape Wychwood Barns

I go to this farmers' market every Saturday to get my breakfast and do my shopping for the week, and I often meet my parents there. It's a nice ritual – I miss it so much when I'm away.

601 Christie St.,

02 Innis College at University of Toronto

There are beautiful buildings on the U of T campus, especially the film college. On Friday nights during the school year they do free screenings, like Eve's Bayou and Where the Wild Things Are.

2 Sussex Ave., 416-978-2513,

03 Terroni

A staple for anyone working in film because it's fast and no-fuss at the end of a long shoot day. When we were working on Denis Villeneuve's Enemy, Denis and Jake Gyllenhaal went every single night.

57A Adelaide St. E., 416-203-3093,

04 David Mason Books

We shot a scene for Cosmopolis in this bookstore, which has some really interesting vintage stock. The book that I was reading was Mary Pickford's The Demi-Widow. At the end, David Cronenberg and producer Martin Katz bought it for me.

366 Adelaide St. W., 416-361-0032,

05 Misfit Studio

Whenever another actress comes to Toronto to shoot and wants to work out, I tell her to go to Misfit, which is a Pilates studio that I love. It's right across from my favourite coffee shop, Dark Horse.

761 Queen St. W.,

06 The Royal

A lot of people don't know this, but there's actually an editing space above the Royal. So in a meta way, films are being cut in that theatre at the same time as you're watching a movie there. Almost every Canadian film I've done has had its cast-and-crew screening here.

608 College St., 416-598-1015,




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