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Just over 25 years ago, Myles Mindham opened up shop on the seventh floor of Toronto’s Park Hyatt hotel. Today, he works and lives out of a three-storey Yorkville townhouse, creating nature-inspired bespoke jewellery like the limited-edition Magical Woodland line he released to celebrate a quarter-century of dazzling success. We caught up with him (and his standard poodles Nelson and Duq) before a business trip to Montreal.

Myles Mindham

What’s your packing philosophy?
I fold at the beginning, to keep things neat and tidy, but by the end of a trip, I must admit I always end up stuffing in the last few items.

How does nature inspire you?
In so many ways, from the ravens and the water in Muskoka to a book my mother used to read to me. It was about moon fairies bringing light to a dark forest, which inspired part of last year’s collection. I even made a crazy pair of cufflinks based on a photo of copulating rhinos – abstracted into globular reds and yellows – taken during a couple’s anniversary safari.

Where do you travel for work?
Mostly to Basel, New York and Tucson, Arizona, where the worlds of geology and gemology convene. Dealers bring in rough, raw gemstones, and I have found the most amazing specimens there. Imagine moonstones and meteorites on a necklace with black diamond! I’m drawn to anything from the earth that sparkles.

Any favourite pieces you’ve picked up?
I was at a flea market in Paris, looking for a bronze vitrine for my shop. At the front of the market, there was a bin of discarded bits for five francs. I pull out this cufflink – and the mechanism works perfectly. I root around and find the other one. They let me have them even though I was a franc short. Turns out the cufflinks were 18-carat gold, and now I wear them all the time.



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