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Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien, who belongs to one of Canada’s oldest business and philanthropic families, left finance behind when she debuted her eponymous line of anti-aging dry masks last year. The formula of plant extracts and peptides is printed onto fabric (the technology was created by a Quebec biotech company), and she’s received face time in publications around the world since the launch. We caught up with her before her trip to Las Vegas to attend a conference for women in business.

Nannette de Gaspé Beaubien

What kind of packer are you?
Hyper-organized. I put my socks and nylons in Ziploc bags and then all my hanging items in dry-cleaner plastic.

You’ve lived in Toronto and New York – what brought you back to Montreal?
My husband and I wanted to get involved with Quebec start-ups and entrepreneurs, which is what led to discovering the dry-mask technology. Pur Vodka is another company we invested in – and, funny enough, their offices are located near the intersection of De Gaspé and Beaubien streets.

How is the beauty industry changing?
Big brands aren’t seeing the growth they’re used to, and indie companies are on the rise as younger customers look for a relatable story. Our business is about offering non-invasive cosmetic solutions that can be used on the customer’s terms.

What’s your favourite spa treatment in the world?
I had an incredible full-body anti-aging treatment at Canyon Ranch in Arizona. It started with exfoliation, then a massage with lotions containing vitamins and beta-carotene. I felt completely revitalized.

How does beauty differ from banking?
Finance was extremely male-dominated, especially in senior roles, but now I work only with women. We express ourselves differently – it’s all about creativity and discussion.



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