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Poultrygeist Productions

Poultrygeist Productions

Formed through random selection in September of 2013, Poultrygeist Productions consists of thirteen students in the BAA Animation program at Sheridan College. After eight months of storyboarding, design, painting, and frenzied animation, Natalie was born.

This film airs on the Canadian Movies channel on all Air Canada flights in October, 2014.

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Genevieve Horobin

Tuesday, August 5th 2014 20:05
Execellent work , love it



Tuesday, August 5th 2014 23:05
Great work from amazing students of Sheridan College... so impressed!

Sharon Muirhead

Thursday, August 7th 2014 18:06
Very unique!

Angie Holsten

Friday, August 8th 2014 10:09
Well done,good luck!

Robert Lerner

Tuesday, October 21st 2014 20:38
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