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Olympic gold medal rower Adam Kreek has seen the Games from the top of the podium in Beijing and as a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee in Vancouver. This month, the journalist and leadership speaker will see them from a new perspective as he heads to Brazil as a member of CBC’s Olympic coverage team (where he might also give a talk or two). We caught up with him before his trip to Rio.

Adam Kreek in a row boat

Scrunch, roll, fold or stuff?
I fold and compartmentalize. Workout clothes, socks and underwear don’t matter so I jam them into breathable mesh bags.

How do you stay fit on the road?
I started offering free fitness sessions at my conferences. We do jumping jacks, bear crawls, rock throws, log rolls, toe taps, high fives, hugs and pushups. It’s fun for the attendees and I get out there doing something.

Do you have sleeping and eating routines?
I go to bed early and wake up early on the west coast because I travel to the east on a regular basis, and it helps me keep my internal clock in sync. And I eat as cleanly as I can on the road: a lot of sushi and greens and I drink a lot of water.

What is your favourite place to row?
Lucerne, Switzerland for the annual World Cup final. The lake is in a bird sanctuary; the scenery is divine. There are cows with bells on the sides of the hills and sometimes naked sunbathers at the start line.

What are you looking forward to in Rio?
Someone told me to go hang-gliding over the city. I’m also excited to explore the story around the Games. I’m curious about the impact of the event on the middle class, a subject that’s not really discussed.



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