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Laughter Hours: The Best Comedy Clubs in Osaka

In Osaka, which has long set itself apart from Japan’s social conventions, a night of chuckles is part of the routine.

Osaka comedy clubs

1. Namba Grand Kagetsu Theatre

Namba Grand Kagetsu Theatre is the comedy capital’s ground zero, with variety shows as well as rakugo and manzai. Even non-Japanese speakers can appreciate the madcap acrobatics and music.


2. ROR Comedy Club

ROR Comedy Club, in Namba, came onto the scene in 2011. It offers Osaka’s only English-language jokes and is run by a largely expatriate collective of stand-up comics.


3. Temma Tenjin Hanjo Tei

The city’s only rakugo theatre, the Temma Tenjin Hanjo Tei has the last laugh: It opened in 2006 thanks to a fundraising campaign, bringing back the traditional comedy form after a 60-year hiatus.


4. Pirates of the Dotombori

The decade-old improv comedy group Pirates of the Dotombori includes both gaijin (foreigners) and Japanese, with shows that bounce between English and Japanese.



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