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Our Favourite Souvenir from Montreal: Alvéole's Urban Honey

From full-bodied to minty, each jar is a reflection of the dominant flora of the city's different neighbourhoods.

Alvéole's Urban Honey

Photo: Nik Mirus; prop stylist: Evelyne Morin

What's the buzz? Alvéole’s made-in-Montreal honey, that’s what. The urban beekeeping company collects the sweet stuff from hives across the city for its taster pack. You’ll detect different flavours in every jar, based on the dominant flora of each ’hood – the goldenrod that Saint-Henri’s bees pollinate results in a dark, full-bodied variety, while linden trees in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and Westmount give the honey a hint of mint. Drizzle them on whatever you fancy for a taste of Montreal that’s as sweet as can bee.

Alvéole Urban Honey Tasting Box, $30