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Our Guide in Syracuse, New York

Canadian rock ’n’ roll royalty and foodie TV host Steven Page takes us to his favourite spots.

Steven Page

Who knew that when he wasn’t touring with Barenaked Ladies, former front man Steven Page was tending chickens at his home in central New York State? Now, as the host of Travel + Escape’s The Illegal Eater, he’s sniffing out the best underground food spots in America, from private supper clubs to hidden holes in the wall. “My passion on the road was always to obsessively research local foods,” says Page.

The Farmers’ Market

The Farmers’ Market

The farmers’ market is open year-round and has a great range of stuff, including the pride of the area: salt potatoes. They’re new potatoes that you boil with a giant packet of salt. They come out of the pot with this crust; almost like a roasted potato but with the softness of a boiled potato on the inside. They’re best with tons of butter.

2100 Park St., 315-422-8647


Empire Brewing CompanyDaylight Media Company

Empire Brewing Company

This is a brew pub downtown in Armory Square, the main restaurant and bar district. Since a lot of hops are grown in this area of New York State, the brewery mostly sources locally to make its own beers, including a really good one with rye in it, called Liv & Let Rye. I’ve had some very chewy, brown-bread-tasting craft beers while travelling for the show, but this one’s more subtle than that.

120 Walton St., 315-475-2337


Greyrock Farm

Greyrock Farm

You can get everything at Greyrock Farm, from your usual fruits and vegetables to meats. I bought a pig and then butchered it myself at home. I started butchering a few years ago. I haven’t lost a limb or a finger yet, but I have been pretty close and have the scars to prove it! You can also visit the farm and buy milk and eggs.

6100 E. Lake Rd., Cazenovia, 484-888-6254




Getting There

Air Canada offers the only twice-daily non-stop service to Syracuse from Toronto.

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