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Our Man in St. John’s

Canadian comedian and television personality Rick Mercer shares his favourite spots.


Photo courtesy of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Rick Mercer has returned to his hometown of St. John’s every summer and every Christmas since moving to Toronto in 2003. When the funnyman isn’t filming The Rick Mercer Report, he’s promoting his new book. A Nation Worth Ranting About is a collection of, well, rants and hilarious stories – like a behind-the-scenes account of bungee jumping with Rick Hansen – due out this month.



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Jude LeMoine

Monday, October 29th 2012 13:07
Signal Hill is a MUST-DO and I wish for you a clear day. History and spectacular views.

Linda Dowswell

Monday, October 29th 2012 19:30
Rick, we LOVE your show! But if you could offer some ideas for what to see while in St. John's, or other places in Newfoundland, we plan on visiting next summer. Where is the best fish and chip place in St. John's, where are the best historical sites, etc.? Thanks for the input.

David Snow

Tuesday, October 30th 2012 11:19
For Linda....The fish is fresh....and there is great Fish and Chips in St. John's at places like Ches's and at the restaurants near Cape St. Mary's (Atlantica and Gannet's Nest). If you google Wildland Tours or Adventure Newfoundland you will see lots of photos and info about the historic and scenic sites. The humpbacks are occupying a lot of the marine real estate but there are some awesome places to visit on land. And....Rick rocks!
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