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Where to Eat, Drink and Sleep in Porto This Month

Discover some of our favourite spots in the Portuguese city.


Livraria João Soares

Photo: Naeblys/Alamy Stock Photo

Livraria João Soares

Take a stroll along the flower-lined street of Rua das Flores to Livraria João Soares, one of the many alfarrabistas (antiquarian booksellers) nestled between shops and cafés. Browse the collection of over 7,000 books, including historic maps and graphic novels for those who don’t speak the local language.

Rua das Flores 38/42, 351-22-200-2373

Alberto Augusto Leite

Pack a picnic of shrimp, cod cakes and fresh bread from the oldest grocery store in Foz, Porto’s beachfront that overlooks the Douro. Top it off with a snack of a mild cheese like queijo flamengo, paired with Portuguese marmelada (the bitter precursor to sweet British marmalade made from quince) and some homemade custard egg tarts for your sweet tooth.


Armazem Luxury Housing

Armazem Luxury Housing

A marvel of contemporary design, the hotel is located in a 19th-century warehouse that was rebuilt in 2016, repurposing concrete, iron and wood to create an industrial yet cozy atmosphere with breathtaking views of the Sé Cathedral.

What we loved Getting in a morning sweat with in-house yogi Thiago Duarte before sitting down to the organic fruit and full breakfast served daily.


O Lanchinho da Vitória

Photo: RossHelen editorial/Alamy Stock Photo

O Lanchinho da Vitória

Eat lunch like a local and order a francesinha, Porto’s take on the croque-monsieur, with fresh bread, cured ham, sausage and warm tomato sauce piled into a decadent sandwich by owner and chef Fernando Manuel Pinto Carneiro.

Rua de São Bento da Vitória 2-A, 351-22-332-6309