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It's a Never-ending Summer on Sicily's San Marco Beach

Photographer Matt Nager finds Campari, cannoli and a town in extended holiday mode.

Capo San Marco

Full Speedo ahead: Local families and sunbathers turn Capo San Marco, eight kilometres of gold sand stretching along the island’s less-travelled southwestern side, into their backyard.


Every summer, photographer Matt Nager and his wife Ivana Corsale visit her hometown of Sciacca, Sicily, a low-key fishing port of about 40,000 residents. Temperatures climb above 30°C between July and September, calling for Speedos, bikinis and frequent dips in the Mediterranean.

Cactuses and agave plants

Cactuses and agave plants make for a prickly situation along the shoreline.

Sicily’s bronze age

Sicily’s bronze age.

Sciacca’s port

A block party in Sciacca’s port.

Woman on the beach

A Sicilian beach break.

Liqueur on ice

Nothing Campari’s to you: bars serve the liqueur on ice during the day and play 1980s pop through the evening.

Sun-parched slopes

Sun-parched slopes separate the beach from inland olive groves and vineyards.

Man on the beach in the afternoon

For your moment in the sun, head to the beach in the afternoon, after the crowds head home for long pasta lunches, siestas and evening work.

Paddleboating in the Mediterranean

Paddleboating in the Mediterranean.

Nero d’Avola grape harvesting, Donnafugata

A farmer harvests nero d’Avola grapes at Donnafugata, a family-run winery near the beach.

San Marco beach

What umbrella weather looks like on San Marco beach.

Cannoli from Royal Bar Pasticceria Gelateria, Sciacca

Yes, we cannoli: Sicily’s beloved pastry from the Royal Bar Pasticceria Gelateria in Sciacca.

Sciacca’s main port

Sciacca’s main port, a historic trade hub between North Africa and Italy, is a 20-minute scooter ride from the beach. Today, the town has a thriving fishery and is best known for its ceramics shops and thermal spas.



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