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A Postcard from Snohomish County

Where is the best viewpoint in Washington state? It might just be at the top of Mount Pilchuck.

Snohomish County, Washington

Few of the nearly 700 fire lookouts that once watched over the state remain, but the one on top of Mount Pilchuck still stands. Novice hikers appreciate being able to drive up the first 960 metres of elevation before tackling the five-kilometre trail that opens onto views of the Cascades and Puget Sound.



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Thursday, November 13th 2014 02:08
WoW ! this place I never seen before, it's awesome.


Friday, September 11th 2015 15:44
Wow! great photo shoot super like

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Wednesday, March 9th 2016 07:03
Hi Kyle Johnson,
Great post and awesome photography .Thanks for sharing such a lovely one
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