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First spotted Housed in what was, until 1987, a celebrated perfume factory, Milan’s Hotel Magna Pars Suites fittingly focuses on fragrance. Each of its 39 rooms is inspired by an olfactory note: Guests might stay in the Lavender suite, and then leave with a bottle from the ground floor LabSolue Perfume Laboratory. Why “Scents can help the brain to remember experiences more vividly,” says Cédric Gobilliard, senior vice-president of AccorHotels’ Lifestyle Division, which is developing fragrance brand Lola James Harper’s first hotel, in Paris. “Travellers appreciate brands with strong personalities. They react to these spaces with a feeling, and perfume can enhance that.” Where else At the Lola James Harper property, set to open this year, each floor will be spritzed with a different fragrance from the brand’s collection of 25, like the Comics Store of George, named after founder Rami Mekdachi’s favourite New York comic-book shop (it smells of poplar wood and spice). And Coqui Coqui, known for their Mexican properties and Yucatán-inspired scents, have set up shop in Bora-Bora. Find local ylang-ylang and coconut in the fragrances and candles that fill their spa, now open, and residence, coming this spring.

Photos: The Lola James Harper lobby, from a 2018 preview (left); Hotel Magna Pars Suites (right)