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Where Once you check into the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, you’re given the number for Rose, the hotel’s sassy artificial intelligence chatbot. Text her 24/7 about show tickets, pool parties or tracking down a secret pizza parlour (hint: it’s on the third floor). She’ll also take you on a tour of the Cosmopolitan’s 300-piece art collection, giving you the inside scoop behind works like Georges Rousse’s colourful installation. Why “We use robotics and artificial intelligence to enhance our customer service,” says Erica Johnson, director of com-munications at Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, where a four-foot-tall robot was unveiled in 2017. “Pepper’s focus is to entertain our guests — she can dance, pose for a selfie and tell you about the 27,000-square-foot spa.” Where else At the Vdara, also in Las Vegas, Fetch and Jett are on call to deliver Advil, toothpaste and coffee. Likewise, the adorable H2M2 at Montreal’s Hotel Monville will zip up to your door with a sandwich and fruit cup in under 15 minutes. And at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, rooms are equipped with Amazon Alexa devices, so voice commands can control the lights and even order more towels.

Top left: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills (Photo: Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills); top right: Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas (Photo: Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas)