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In Good Company: Air Canada at the Vancouver Art Gallery Auction

Our social columnist shines the spotlight on a sky-high art auction in Vancouver.

Hundreds of art enthusiasts gathered for the Vancouver Art Gallery Auction, where some fierce bidding took place on nearly 40 artworks donated by artists, private galleries and collectors. Jeff Wall’s Man in Street made the night’s biggest sale, contributing $200,000 to the more than $1 million that was raised for gallery exhibitions, education and public programs.

Vancouver Art Gallery Auction: Marshall Webb, Kathleen Bartels and Hank Bull

Marshall Webb, event Co-Chair and art collector, Kathleen Bartels, Director, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Hank Bull, event Co-Chair, Gallery Trustee and artist.

Vancouver Art Gallery Auction: Madi Carlea and Howie Tsui

Madi Carlea and artist Howie Tsui.

Vancouver Art Gallery Auction: Terrence Turner and Glenn Lewis

Filmmaker Terrence Turner and Governor General award-winning artist Glenn Lewis.

Vancouver Art Gallery Auction: Ava Vorwaller and Greg Vorwaller

Ava Vorwaller, Gallery donor, and Greg Vorwaller, President of Trez Capital and Gallery donor.

Vancouver Art Gallery Auction: Shengtian Zheng and Qing Yin

Shengtian Zheng, Adjunct Director for the Institute of Asian Art at Vancouver Art Gallery, and Qing Yin, Gallery supporter.

Vancouver Art Gallery Auction: Marshall Webb and Ann Webb

Marshall Webb, event Co-Chair, and Ann Webb, Associate Director, Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, Vancouver Art Gallery.

Vancouver Art Gallery Auction: Fairmont Pacific Rim

Fairmont Pacific Rim.

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