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What determines the kind of aircraft that will be used for a particular route?

Our pilot answers your aviation questions.

Air Canada plane

What determines the kind of aircraft that will be used for a particular route?
Brandon Giesbrecht, Winnipeg

Generally, our wide-bodied aircraft fly overseas because they have a greater fuel capacity for longer routes, but you may also see these on short reposition flights, such as Toronto-Montreal. Seasonal demands also dictate aircraft type. I fly to Barbados in the Airbus A320, but the Boeing 767 is used during peak winter months to accommodate greater passenger volume. The ultra-long-haul polar Hong Kong flights are only flown with the Boeing 777, which carries enough fuel to send a Honda Civic around the equator about 84 times.

Doug Morris
Doug Morris is an Air Canada pilot and captain on the Airbus A320. Got an aviation question? Send it to





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J Blums

Tuesday, May 15th 2012 13:49
What type of airplane will be used for the following flights, as I need to choose seats as I ma waiting for a hip replacement and have limited mobility, a lot of pain, and need leg room and proimity to bathrooms.
AC 737S 27JUN W YYZSFO 805A 1035A
AC 738W 10JUL T SFOYYZ 1125A 711P

Thank-you for your help as I could not find any other way on the web to get the information.


Sunday, May 27th 2012 20:22
what type of plane is used to fly to Las Vegas
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