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What to Check for a Trek in the Woods

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Studio MUTITerry Grant spent six seasons on the reality TV show Mantracker, pursuing contestants through remote wilderness. We asked the co-author of Mantracking: The Ultimate Guide to Tracking Man or Beast what he brings on an outdoor adventure.  

01 A flint. Wooden matches are a great idea if you’re in a building and there’s no wind. If you’re out in the bush, a flint and a piece of steel are the preferred method for starting fires.

02 A multi-tool. My Leatherman has a small saw, a serrated blade, a smooth-edged knife, a leather punch and a couple of different screwdrivers – really handy for when you’re in the bush trying to build stuff, like a shelter.

03 A beaver-felt cowboy hat. It keeps out rain, snow and sun, and is 100-percent waterproof, so you can dunk it in a creek and carry water to your campsite. Mine is custom-made, so it actually fits my head.

04 Eat-More chocolate bars. They will keep you from starving to death.



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