Macha Grenon, Actress

Macha Grenon, Actress

“For a quick getaway, my favourite place remains Manhattan. It’s full of unique energy – an invigorating buzz that’s the furthest thing from a relaxing vacation. The modern architecture inspires me, while its Art Deco aspect appeals to the romantic in me. When I eat at Fanelli’s Café, a SoHo fixture since 1847, I feel like I’ve travelled in time.”

François Chartier, Sommelier

François Chartier, Sommelier

“In Barcelona, chef Xano Saguer and his colleague Elisabeth Novell Farré run Espaisucre, an affordable restaurant that experiments with the fine line between salty and sweet. My first time there I ate black truffles with coffee, chocolate and Pedro Ximénez, a very dense Andalusian wine – and though that was only one of 13 dishes I had, I didn’t feel any of them was oversweet. Saguer performs a real balancing act.”



Gary Oldman, Actor

“Paris – it was designed by God and built by angels. I live in Los Angeles. It’s seductive, and I like the weather, and I like palm trees, but it can look very ugly here. If you think of New York, and you think of London, and you think of Rome, and you think of Paris... I like thinking of Paris. I’m travelling there in my mind right now.”


Georges Laraque, Retired NHLer

“There are remote areas in Canada that people don’t even know because they go to Cuba. I want to see everything that Canada has to offer! Victoria in the summer is sick! Newfoundland is unbelievable.”




Photos: Big Food Small World (Barcelona); / Pawel Gaul (Paris)

Phil White, Engineer, Cervélo co-founder

“One of my best trips ever was when my business partner, Gérard Vroomen, and I decided to take all our employees to France to see the most legendary stage of the Tour de France. About 60 of us – we’re all bike fanatics – headed to Alpe d’Huez, a gorgeous and hugely steep mountain that’s known for making or breaking riders. There’s a beautiful village near the summit, and we stayed at Hôtel l’Éclose. On race day we walked to the top for a picnic in the grass. There were millions of fans along the road trying to get a glimpse of the racers, when we spotted our guy, Carlos Sastre from Spain; he won the leg right in front of us. It was like being in a movie. We celebrated with a party in the village after. Sastre then went on to win the Tour.”

Phil White, Engineer, Cervélo co-founder

Scott Conant, Chef and founder of Scarpetta restaurants

“My idea of a vacation is nothingness on a beach. My wife and I are headed off to the Manapany in St. Barts soon, and I can’t wait to just lie there and spend time with my family. I order room service and check out for a little while. Now that we’ve got a year-old daughter, though, I’ve had to cut back on the rum punch.”

St. Barts

Photos: Michael Potts (France); Courtesy of the Manapany (St. Barts)

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