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The Cinefamily

Cinefamily specialized in restored Chaplin-era silents for more than half a century, and though the ivy-ringed marquee proclaims “Silent Movie Theatre,” the non-profit cinema has been screening talkies since 2006. This is the rare theatre where the front row is considered prime seating: Sixteen plush leather couches in the first four rows let you snuggle up with a date. The program mixes classics and new releases – the Japanese comedy R100 nabbed a recent stint – that appeal to a brainy film-school crowd. (Michael Cera, Elijah Wood and Joseph-Gordon Levitt are on the theatre’s advisory board.) The Friday Night Frights series is perfect for scaring your pants off, but if you prefer your movies with less screaming – or talking – Cinefamily also hearkens back to its roots with a monthly series called the Silent Treatment.

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