City Guide

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  • Los Angeles International Airport is located 24 kilometres southwest of downtown L.A., 38 kilometres southwest of Hollywood and 21 kilometres south of Santa Monica. Taxis and shuttles can be found outside baggage claim. Public transportation is also available, but it’s more difficult to navigate and not recommended for the uninitiated.

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  • L.A.’s metro trains are clean and easy to navigate, but the lines are limited. Red Rapid buses have extensive routes and make fewer stops than local buses. Day passes for trains and buses are $7, and a single fare will run you $1.75. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines located in all train stations. Book now at Public Transportation
  • It’s nearly impossible to hail a taxi in the city. You’ll want to call the Los Angeles Taxi Service in advance from your hotel or restaurant to arrange for a pickup. Limousines: The cost of hiring a limo and driver ranges from $50 to $60 an hour and most require a three- to four-hour minimum plus a tip.


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