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Agave y Aguacate

Chef Francisco Alejandri, who grew up outside of Mexico City and previously showed off his cooking chops in a food stall in Kensington Market, explores traditional flavours in tapas-style small plates at this Mexican cantina. The two-floor space, painted a lively teal blue, crackles with the aromas of habanero (the salpicón de res, a flank steak salad) and chipotle (the poaching sauce for the albóndigas estilo Guanajuato meatballs). Alejandri’s tostada de tinga – tinga translates loosely as “beautiful mess” – is exactly that: pulled chicken spread over a crispy tortilla, slathered in a chorizo and piquin sauce and topped with beans, avocado, crema and pickled onions.

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