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Lost + Found Cafe

Lost + Found Cafe

Photo: Lost + Found Cafe

With its vast space filled with artwork, cameras, travel books, magazines and a mixed clientele of local startup workers, Gastown residents and visitors, Lost + Found Cafe instantly carries you into a place that could be anywhere in the world, yet where travellers will feel at home. The café takes the “fair trade coffee” concept to a new dimension, beyond its perfect espressos and lattés. “We want to bring the world to Vancouver into a coffee shop through art, philanthropy and great food,” says owner Kane Ryan, who works alongside co-owner Salomeh Jalali. “We host fundraising events regularly and our ‘promotions’ help support local charities.” Everyday, Kane’s sister bakes fresh dough (their grandmother’s recipe!) and turns it into delicious brioches and buns, to name a few. The multicultural menu also features colourful salads and sandwiches, hearty soups and exotic beverages. Banana ginger cardamom lassi anyone?

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