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  • It’s only ten kilometres from Vancouver International Airport to downtown, but for years the trip could only be accomplished either by taking two public buses or a $30 cab ride. All of these options take between 30 minutes and an hour. The Canada Line now connects the airport to the SkyTrain transit network, reducing the travel time to 25 minutes and the cost to $5.

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  • Until 2009, it seemed like the SkyTrain light rail network only covered places no one wanted to go, but the addition of the Canada Line, running along Cambie to Richmond, makes it a very efficient way to get around. The only dark spots on the map where you’re still stuck with mediocre bus service are the West Side, the West End and West Vancouver (yes, these are three totally different places).
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  • Cabs aren’t always the best way to get around in Vancouver, since one trip across a bridge runs up the meter dramatically—but, of course, sometimes they’re a necessity. A 15% tip is usually expected and you’re better off calling – you’ll spend 10 minutes trying to hail unless you’re right outside a hotel.

    Black Top & Checker Cabs: 604-731-1111
    Maclure's Cabs (1984) Ltd.: 604-831-1111
    Vancouver Taxi Ltd.: 604-871-1111


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