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What’s Playing on Your Flight?  (Hint: Enter details by flight segment)

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How to use this guide ?

How to use this entertainment guide?
Step 1. Enter where and when you’ll be flying with us. Click submit.
Step 2. A list of all movies, television shows and audio available on your flight will appear below.
Step 3. Filter by category or use the search bar if you’re looking for something specific.
Step 4. Click on a listing for a description.


Connecting ?

To find entertainment for your Air Canada flight, please search for the leg you’ll be flying with us.


Programming notes ?

Programming listed applies only to Air Canada flights; unfortunately we can’t provide listings for Star Alliance partners or code share flights that may be on another airline.

Programming lists are only available if you are flying with us this month; please check back with us for future flights.

Due to variation in loading times, programming for a current month may not yet be available on the aircraft.

The enRoute on Demand seatback system is available on all aircraft with the exception of three Boeing 767-300s. However, the programming indicated above may not be available on all aircraft equipped with seatback screens.


PlayerPlus ?

Enjoy our latest Hollywood releases with Player Plus, available on our Air Canada Rouge iPads (complimentary in Premium Rouge or available to rent for $10).

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