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Congratulations to this year’s Air Canada enRoute Film Festival winners! Please see our talented list of award winners below. Submissions for the 10th Air Canada enRoute Film Festival will open in April 2016.

Best Short Film: Persistence of Vision – Caitlin Durlak
Achievement in Direction: (A)LONE – Kevin Landry
Achievement in Cinematography: Familiar – Haya Waseem & Christopher Lew
Achievement in Animation: Kaleidoscope – Catherine Dubeau
Achievement in Documentary: I'm Still Embarrassed – Taylor Gordon & Nigil Vazquez
Air Canada enRoute Film Festival People’s Choice: Asteroid – Kristina Mileska & Andy Kloske

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2015 Festival Selections

Seul(s) Film

by Kevin Landry

Astéroïde Film

by Kristina Mileska & Andy Kloske

Contes d'avertissement pour enfants Film

by Seth Tomlinson & Michael Naundorf

Familiar Film

by Haya Waseem & Christopher Lew

I am Syd Stone Film

by Denis Theriault

I'm Still Embarrassed Film

by Taylor Gordon & Nigil Vazquez

Mars Barb Film

by Milena Salazar

Monsieur Keven Film

by Audrey-Anne Dugas & Étienne Dufresne

Monsieur Lefebvre Film

by Natalia Grijalva

Ciel couvert Film

by Chugging Can Kill

Sadie Film

by Latonia Hartery & Deanne Foley

Where the River Widens Film

by Zach Greenleaf

Wool Film

by Cody Bown

Festival Selections Not Participating in the Air Canada enRoute Film Festival People’s Choice Award

Eloïse, petite rêveuse Film

by Myriam Obin

Jade Film

by Clément Rodrigue

Kaléidoscope Film

by Catherine Dubeau

Ce qui reste Film

by Eui Yong Zong

La persistence de la vision Film

by Caitlin Durlak

Postures Film

by Emily Preston

Ferraille Film

by Jonathan Beaulieu-Cyr & Renaud Lessard





profile picture Tatiana Maslany

Tatiana Maslany (head juror)

Actress (Orphan Black, Woman in Gold)

profile picture John Galway

John Galway

President of Bell Media’s The Harold Greenberg Fund

profile picture François Girard

François Girard

Director (Boychoir, Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould)

profile picture Sophie Desmarais

Sophie Desmarais

Actress (Gurov and Anna, Sarah préfère la course)

profile picture Yassmina Karajah

Yassmina Karajah

2014 Air Canada enRoute Film Festival winner (Light)

profile picture Ron Mann

Ron Mann

Director (Altman, Comic Book Confidential)

profile picture Ruba Nadda

Ruba Nadda

Director (October Gale, Cairo Time)

profile picture Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O’Hara

Actress (Schitt’s Creek, Best in Show)

profile picture Julie Roy

Julie Roy

Executive Producer at the NFB’s French Animation Studio (Carface, Bus Story)

profile picture Albert Shin

Albert Shin

Director (In Her Place, Point Traverse)

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