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  • The Gear

    Geo Graphic

    Map-inspired items that will take you on a trip.

  • Photography

    Picturing Barcelona

    For the 2012 edition of the Flash Forward Festival (June 7 to 10) - part of an annual competition for emerging photographers - enRoute commissioned Canadian Andrew Rowat to focus his lens on Barcelona.

  • Getaway

    Quick trip to Vail, Colorado

    Five ways to experience this Colorado ski-resort town – without the snow.

  • Road trip

    Reinventing the Wheel

    Whether you’re modern-minded or the sporty type, here are three dream road trips that are just your speed.

  • Travel

    A, B, Sea

    In Quebec’s Magdalen Islands, locals have shored up a distinctive lingo along the rolling sand dunes. Here are five spots on the archipelago with a language all their own.

  • Foodie Destination

    Baked Alaska

    After a feast of wild-salmon quesadillas and feta-stuffed Medjool dates, a culinary tour of Anchorage leaves us anything but cold.

  • Spas

    For Peat’s Sake

    From seaweed to sphagnum moss, Ireland’s homegrown spa treatments go whole bog.

  • Foodie destination

    Market Share

    In the night markets of Southern France, we discover the ultimate square meal.

  • Hiking

    Happy Trails

    We sample the ultimate trail mix, hiking from lodge to lodge in the Swiss Alps. One, two, three hut!