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By Andrew Braithwaite | Photos by Rush Jagoe

Criss-crossing Canada this year to sneak a taste of the country’s newest restaurants felt a lot like time travel. Some chefs were channelling 1920s San Sebastián or 1830s Tokyo. Others dreamed up the sort of forward-looking wine bar whose new global tastes could easily belong in 2025 (spoiler alert: nori crumpets). For every renovation paying homage to a restaurant that had been a local favourite for decades, there was a worthy outlier replacing a Quiznos in a strip mall. Old-school dishes like creton en ploye leapt into the present, while modern flourishes like fir-tip emulsion tasted positively timeless.

In this back-to-the-future year, Canadian cooking was fresh, brilliant and very much ready to be enjoyed right now. Get it while it’s hot.

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The Top Ten

Restaurant Pigeonhole


Restaurant Port City Royal

Port CityRoyal

Restaurant Pilgrimme


Restaurant Dailo


Restaurant Bar Raval

Bar Raval

Restaurant AnnaLenna


Restaurant Adelaide Oyster House

AdelaideOyster House

Restaurant Yasu


Restaurant Enoteca


Restaurant Soif