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6 Things to Do in Devon, UK

How to have fun in this picturesque part of western England.

Devon, UK

01 A classic Devon pub on the shore of the River Dart, the Ferry Boat Inn has a menu that runs from seafood bouillabaisse to classic fish ’n’ chips. To cross the river, you just ring the bell outside the pub, and the ferryman will come to get you. (

02 Admire British craftsmanship on a grand scale at Castle Drogo, the youngest castle in England, situated on a stunning cliffside and surrounded by English gardens. Open while undergoing a massive 11-million-quid National Trust restoration. (

03 Order a venison burger and a Thatchers cider at the Drewe Arms in Dartmoor, with a thatched roof worked on by the Thatch Inspector himself. (

04 Tag along with Richard Wood for a day of blacksmithing and a tour of local village craftsmanship. (44-79-8908-2561,

05 Charles Chalcraft offers hands-on weekend thatching courses in the heart of rural West Devon. (

06 Visitors who come to buy leather can sneak a peek at the traditional methods used by J&FJ Baker at this eco-friendly tannery in Colyton. (

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