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Business Travel: An Interview with Peter Sjölander, long-time CEO of Helly Hansen

Notes for the modern business traveller from the former head of one of the world's top outdoor sporting brands.

Peter Sjölander

When Peter Sjölander—until recently the Oslo-based CEO of sportswear brand Helly Hansen—isn't in the boardroom or on an airplane, you'll find him hiking, running, climbing, cycling or skiing – the ideal person to helm one of the top outdoor sporting brands in the world.

1. Always listen to your intuition. If we pause for a second and listen to what our brains have to say, we would make better decisions more often.

2. What I had to learn on the fly To temper my impatience. I wake up every day believing I can do everything a little bit better, which can be exhausting for both myself and the people around me.

3. My go-to gadget My friends call me a nerd because I have three iPhones and three iPads.

4. Best place for a business lunch Any good sushi place. A standout is Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo, which was a near divine experience.

5. In my carry-on, you'll find Apple devices, cables and sleep aids. When I fly, I either work or sleep.

6. Window or aisle? Aisle. At 6' 4", I need to throw those long legs into the aisle at times.

7. The biggest risk I ever took was agreeing to become the CEO for a company that had lost money for more than a decade – right before the 2008 recession.

8. My eureka moment Realizing that we oversimplify what is complicated and overcomplicate what is common sense.

9. In business, now's a good time to realize that the world will continue to change at an accelerating pace in terms of technology, geopolitics, wealth distribution and the environment.

10. My business mantra Strive to be good at what you choose to do and to be nice to other people.



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