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Here's How to Gain Instagram Followers with a Better Feed

Three of Canada's most popular Instagram stars on how to make your account fabulous.



139 000 followers

“This is in a ghost town near Death Valley, California, which was actually quite ugly as a whole. When that happens, I focus on one clean element and spin a story out of it – in this case, ‘Go west.’”

Favourite app
SKRWT, for fixing perspectives. It’s key to adjust the slanted lines you get when you don’t have enough space shooting architecture.





87 000 followers

“I was making gnocchi from scratch for the first time and I wanted to capture the making-of. There’s a lot going on, composition-wise – flour from rolling the dough, broken eggshells, mushroom and parsley on the side – that suggests the idea of being in my kitchen with me.”

Do you use filters?
VSCO’s Analog 6 filter gives a slight fade, deepens browns and mutes other colours. I use this filter in scenes with rustic wood or a lot of brown tones. And Instagram’s Juno filter adds a subtle green tint and makes the whites glow, so it’s great for dishes with greens.



133 000 followers

“There’s only so much landscape you can fit in a frame. Turn your camera on whoever you’re with. A subject gives the shot focus, and helps with scale and perspective.”

Our most-liked photos
Candid shots of the two of us interacting with the landscape. People tag their friends and comment – “Let’s go here” or “You’re the one on the left.”



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