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 Natalie Panek

What’s your packing style?
I pack light – just a backpack and my clothes in a dry bag. If I’m on a big trip, I might carry a 65-litre bag, but if it’s a shorter one, I’ll take a small backpack that fits into the overhead compartment.

How do you plan your personal trips?
I try to hit at least one international and one North American destination every year. Northern Canada is big on my list: Tombstone Territorial Park in the Yukon, the Nahanni National Park Reserve and Mountain River in the Northwest Territories… there’s so much to do that I haven’t yet. I grew up hiking and camping with my family – the first time my parents took me camping, I was just a few months old.

Where was your favourite family vacation?
New Zealand. The best part was visiting the Waitomo caves on the North Island. My brothers and I went on an eight-hour guided caving trip. You rappel into the cave system, where you see glow-worms and underground rivers. When you finally make your way out, it’s nighttime in the middle of nowhere and all you can see are the stars.

What’s your dream destination?
Space is the end goal, though I’m trying to travel as much as I can on Earth in case it doesn’t work out. I don’t want a one-way mission to Mars, but if technology advances enough to bring me home, that’s another story.



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Tuesday, July 29th 2014 20:35
Hi En Route Folks - I'm studying French as my second language and find the paper version of your magazine a terrific learning tool! You can see how the idea is expressed in each language, right there in front of you - not simply direct translations word for word; and the language is so current, not "textbook" kind of vocabulary. Would there be a way to obtain the past issue once the current month's issue is replaced in the planes? I'd be over the moon, if so! Thanks for considering this request. E
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