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iPhone vs. Android: Which Takes Better Photos?

Two Instagram masters face off to see which smartphone is the best for photography.

Device: iPhone 6

Herbert Schröer

Herbert Schröer

117 000 followers

“I got my first iPhone about a month before I joined Instagram in 2011. I had never owned a real camera, so it was my first step into the world of photography. About a year later I bought a DSLR, but I still kept taking photos with the iPhone. The best thing: You always carry it with you, like here, at Lac Blanc, Chamonix, in France.”


Why the iPhone?
Lots of apps come out first for iOS, and much later – or never – for Android. Priime, for instance, analyzes your photo and suggests a filter from its marketplace, each designed in collaboration with a well-known photographer.

What’s so special about its camera?
The screen. The colours and contrast are very close to one that’s been properly calibrated. Most Android screens are oversaturated, with too-high contrast.

Favourite feature?
When you tap on the screen, the camera will focus on that point and set the lighting for it, which you can brighten or darken with a slider. Here, I focused on the cabin. Then, I applied a filter from the Chromatic Collection in VSCO, and used Snapseed’s “selective adjust” tool to fine-tune the image.



Device: LG G5

Sergei Sarakhanov

Sergei Sarakhanov

218 000 followers

“I got my first smartphone – the reasonably priced HTC One V – three years ago. I joined Instagram just after. But the LG G5 is a true evolution. It has great dynamic range, as you can see in this photo, taken deep in a foggy forest outside Kiev. I was trying to catch the morning light, and the LG G5’s HDR function made sure the shadows weren’t too black and deep.”


What’s so good about the LG G5 camera?
It can do a lot straight out of the box: full manual controls without additional apps, quick camera launch by double-pressing the “volume down” button and a slow shutter speed up to 30 seconds.

Favourite feature?
The double-camera system. There are two cameras with two different lenses: The first is a standard wide-angle with macro function, and the second is superwide for awesome landscapes and interiors. You don’t need additional lenses anymore!

You work with both an android and an iphone. When do you reach for your LG G5?
The LG is better for low-light shooting and landscape photography at night. It’s also very cool for macro shots, or extreme close-ups.



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