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Business Travel: An Interview with Jay Klein

Notes for the modern business traveller from the founder and CEO of PÜR gum.

Jay Klein

Entrepreneur Jay Klein's latest project is giving people something to chew on. In May 2010, Klein introduced Pür gum, the first aspartame-free, gluten-free and vegan gum on the market – and it's now a multimillion-dollar enterprise, currently available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

1. I always listen to my heart and my mom – sometimes they even say the same thing.

2. Best place for a business lunch In London there's a place called Pizzeria & Canti Prosecco Bar, on the second floor of Harrods, that serves incredible oven-fired mac 'n' cheese.

3. The biggest risk I ever took was renting and learning to ride a motor scooter in Rome.

4. In my carry-on you'll find brightly coloured Nike sneakers, a black sweater and, of course, Pür gum.

5. My go-to gadget My travel power adapter. It's the lifeline between me and my gadgets.

6. My business mantra Kick aspartame.

7. Window or aisle? Aisle, because it's more social. I have the person across from me and two people diagonally to meet.

8. My eureka moment Learning that swinging the golf club harder doesn't make the ball go farther. It's technique, timing and precision.

9. What I had to learn on the fly How to drive on the left side of the road while in London on business.

10. In business, now's a good time to be creative and take risks, so you stay ahead of the traffic.



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Wednesday, December 3rd 2014 13:26
Mr Jay, I met you a while back. Man oh man, this business is crazy, so many retailers and wholesalers are giving so many discounts, dont' know if there is a profit. How do you record profit.
My Mother and Uncle gave me a loan. I am in the biz of selling low sugar chocolate and we are doing over 400 million in Europe and over 500 million sales in India alone, but the profit is so small or does not exist. There is no profit. Discounts eat up the profits.
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