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Jewish Comfort Food: A Rising Star

Three traditional dishes get modern mashups.


At Montreal's sleek bakery Hof Kelsten, chef/owner Jeffrey Finkelstein's updated Jewish classics – order the gravlax sandwich – have gained a cult following (the famous pickled beef brisket is his mother's secret recipe). South Williamsburg's Shalom Japan serves up sake lees-leavened miniature challahs with raisin butter, and crispy okonomiyaki (with corned lamb's tongue) with sauerkraut and bonito. And the gefilte comes with shaved asparagus, pickled carrots, dill and mustard sabayon at Citron + Rose in Philadelphia, where a sweet twist means a chai-smoked hot fudge sundae topped with challah croutons. Challah-lujah.

Citron + Rose 370 Montgomery Ave., Philadelphia, 610-664-4919
Hof Kelsten 4524, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal
Shalom Japan 310 S. 4th St., Brooklyn, 718-388-4012



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Thursday, July 3rd 2014 18:16
oh ya! HOF KELSTEN is killing it! we love your bread, jeff! congrats on the article! en route to ever greater success!
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