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Chris and Peter Neal have come a long way since making croutons in their mother's kitchen in Aurora, Ontario. Their latest project is a new line of kettle chips in collaboration with star Canadian chefs (including Chuck Hughes, who devised the Srirachup, an addictive mashup of sriracha and ketchup flavours). We caught up with the duo before they headed off on a business trip to San Francisco.

Chris and Peter Neal

What's your packing style?
Peter Neal: It's all about carry-on. I've been known to vacuum-pack for longer trips, and if I bring an extra pair of shoes, they're stuffed with underwear and socks. Chris Neal: We avoid the carousel at all costs.

What are some of your favourite Canadian food spots?
PN: I'm a huge fan of Chuck Hughes' two Montreal restaurants, Garde Manger and Le Bremner. CN: Every time we're in Vancover, we have a meal at Vikram Vij's Indian fusion restaurant, Vij's.

How do you explore a new destination?
PN: If there's time, we'll rent motorcycles, but we always go for a long, slow walking jog. We call it a slog. CN: No matter where we are, we check out what's on grocery shelves, from small boutique stores to major chains – much to the chagrin of our children.



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