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Toronto Business Trip

Bradley Grill talks his favourite tea and how to speed-pack in seven minutes.

Bradley Grill

After touring North America non-stop for two years with Cavalia, the famous equestrian show, Bradley Grill has returned to his hometown of Montreal to work with DavidsTea – the Canadian company that’s getting (and giving) a lot of good buzz. We caught up with him on his way to Toronto, where he’s organizing the launch of a blend made with sea lettuce grown off Canada’s east coast that’s proving to be his cup of tea.

Scrunch, roll, fold or stuff?
I’m a folder – a perfect fold. 

You were on the road for two years. How many days were you at home?
Maybe 15. I would settle in a city for six weeks, and that was home. When I was in San Francisco I bought some dishes at Crate&Barrel. It can get lonely sometimes, so little things make a big difference. 

Do horses have luggage?
These are the best cared-for horses around! Between cities, they often go to a Club Med-like ranch. Each horse has its name on a bag outside the stable. 

What’s the best part of arriving in a new city?
Checking out the hotel toiletries, like the Molton Brown products at Toronto’s Hôtel Le Germain or Malin+Goetz at the Mondrian Soho in New York. 

Have you always had packing down to a fine art?
I’ve been lucky to meet people like Cirque du Soleil’s co-founder Normand Latourelle, who taught me to pack in minutes. Now I could leave for Toronto in half an hour. 

What about seven minutes?

What’s in Bradley’s carry-on?

01 Agenda
There’s something about writing things by hand. I remember more. 

02 DavidsTea
I travel with Oh Canada! rooibos because it’s hydrating. And if I’m in a hotel room and want to use my own cup, I remove the Noble’s infuser and have a glass of water. The carafe is double-walled, so it never gets too hot for tea. 

03 Candy
I get these ginger chews at World Market in Chicago, which also sells chocolate Altoids. I love that mint chocolate combo. 

04 Camera
It’s big and my friends make fun of me by calling me Herb Ritts, but as Oprah said, it’s all in the details. 

05 Passport Holder
I bought this in a rush at Walmart four years ago for $10. Even though I’ve seen nicer ones, I just can’t get rid of it. It’s sentimental. 

06 Boarding Passes
I saved 94 boarding passes from the two years with Cavalia because they remind me of where I’ve been. 

07 Cap
Sometimes I’ll wear it when I’m on the airplane, but I mostly bring it because I’m superstitious. It’s a good luck thing. 

08 Toiletry Case
What I love about Kiehl’s is the brand’s deluxe samples. If you tell the staff in-store that you’re travelling, they’ll set you up with travel-size products. 

09 Facial Wipes
I always have these cucumber wipes from Pharmaprix in my bag because they’re good for your skin and for freshening up after a long flight.  

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Thursday, March 29th 2012 13:15
Really enjoyed this article!
I love David's tea, and would love to try that travel mug!
Mr. Grill seems really fascinating!
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