Restaurant Alentours

Quebec City

In this refined wood–lined dining room, a commitment to local and sustainable ethics takes centre stage.

Street Address

715 Saint–Bernard St.

City + Province

Québec, QC



Our bearded, apron–clad server’s food and wine descriptions are so detailed that after our first bite of a creamy, crunchy and tangy salad of cooked and fried yellow peas napped with a cucumber vinaigrette, dill and chives, we feel like we’re practically friends with the Rastafarian organic farmer who grew the cukes.

November 1, 2022
A server pouring wine at a table filled with appetizers and cocktails at Restaurant Alentours
Even the Vignoble Camy pinot gris and plates by Ceramique Zalata are made in Quebec.

Chef Tim Moroney has embraced the sustainable, locavore ethos absorbed during his time at Blue Hill in New York and Relæ in Copenhagen, and the wood–clad, meditative feel of his Quebec City neighbourhood place is a nod to those former homes – even down to the Relæ–style utensil drawer hidden in our tables. Only ingredients sourced from within 150 kilometres are considered fair game for Moroney’s kitchen (ethically produced salt, yeast, milk and cream are the exceptions). So he’s swapped in a yellow pea polenta for the emulsifying qualities of olive oil in the vinaigrette, and lacto–fermented those cucumbers to make them zing.

This is no dour scolding for gourmands with big carbon footprints, but a joyful, meticulously prepared celebration and snapshot of what’s in season now on the fields and farms of the surroundings – or alentours. A potato and celeriac dish, spiked with a fresh, dried and pickled jalapeño salsa and a caramelized corn cob broth–based beurre Nantais, unlocks new vegetable dimensions. Optional wine and cider pairings provide another alluring layer of Quebec terroir: A honey– and yellow flower–scented Saint–Pépin 2020 from Domaine Le Grand Saint–Charles with the salad course, and a buttery, quince–nosed Vignoble Camy Reserve chardonnay with the potato.

bread and cheese at Restaurant Alentours
A woman laughing while eating a vegetable with dip at Restaurant Alentours
Ask where the festin is from to hear about Fromagerie Grondines, one of the 64 local producers in the restaurant’s address book.

So no, this tour of the provincial alentours is not penance, but pure pleasure, where necessity is the mother of invention, and sustainable dining takes a thoughtful leap forward. Quebec City, and the food community outside its walls, are the better for it.

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