Inside the Carry-On of Spearfisherwoman Valentine Thomas

Lawyer turned spearfisherwoman and sustainable-fishing activist Valentine Thomas opens her bag before a trip to Florida to scour the seas.

JULY 1, 2019
Sapiens: a brief history of humankind in the tackle box of Valentine Thomas
Spearfisherwoman Valentine Thomas' watch

Book I pack two books – a work of fiction and one that teaches me something. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is required reading: Understanding our origins gives us a clearer picture of our future.

Dive watch This wrist computer calculates everything: my depth, dive time, amount of rest needed between dives (twice the length of the previous dive) and even hours of sleep.

Pair of flippers in the tackle box of spearfisherwoman Valentine Thomas

Fins These ones are long and light, so that all effort is concentrated in the fin kick and I can conserve my energy. They’re made of carbon and are too fragile – and too long – for my checked luggage.

 A portable grill in the tackle box of spearfisherwoman Valentine Thomas
Frozen grouper in the tackle box of spearfisherwoman Valentine Thomas

Mini-barbecue I love camping, and it was this idea of eating simply, in the outdoors, that made me fall in love with fishing. When we catch big fish, we set up on the beach and make half into ceviche and grill the other half.

Frozen fish I always try to bring fish home for my parents so they can discover new varieties. They really liked grouper (pictured), which I catch off Florida’s coast.

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