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Asad Mecci on Earning and Redeeming While on Tour as a Hypnotist




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enRoute How do you earn most of your Aeroplan points?

Asad Mecci Flight and hotel bookings. Tour scheduling has been pretty bonkers over the years. I’ve done 80 cities across North America and 70 shows Off–Broadway. Right now, I’m back and forth between Toronto and Las Vegas for the Harrah’s Casino residency of Hyprov, a comedy show I co–created that combines hypnosis and improv. I’ve also been using my Aeroplan credit card on expenses to rack up more points.

ER Why does Aeroplan work for you?

AM As a small business owner, Aeroplan really helps from an expense perspective. We use our points not only to get us to tour destinations but for our accommodations as well.

ER What is your secret travel talent?

AM My talent is to be able to sleep anywhere at any time.

November 1, 2023
Asad Mecci on stage during his Hyprov show in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada.   Photo: courtesy of Asad Mecci

“As a small business owner, Aeroplan really helps from an expense perspective. We use our points not only to get us to tour destinations but for our accommodations as well.”

ER Do you use your skills as a hypnotist on your travels?

AM I find that self–hypnosis and progressive relaxation really give me a sense of calm before flights. I do some deep breathing, relax my muscles and I am out.

ER What was your most recent Aeroplan redemption?

AM In February, my wife and I booked the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto for a bit of a staycation. After non–stop touring and performing, we wanted to take a little time to unwind.

ER Do you have a dream destination?

AM It would be great to see where my family is originally from in Bangalore, India. I haven’t been since I was a kid. I would love to go back and see how the city has changed.

Asad Mecci sits at a dinner table with a blonde woman. Both are holding bronze unicorn head statues.
Miami, Florida.     Photo: courtesy of Asad Mecci
Asad Mecci stands on the deck of a boat with an iceberg in the background.
Glacier Bay, Alaska.     Photo: courtesy of Asad Mecci

ER Most memorable seatmate?

AM The person who sticks out in my mind is Michael Wekerle from Dragons’ Den. I believe it was on a flight from Miami to Toronto. We struck up a conversation, and it turned out he was on his way to reopen the El Mocambo. He invited my wife and me, so we attended opening night, and it was a lot of fun. It’s amazing the people you meet on your travels.

ER If you could sit next to anyone on a plane, who would it be?

AM I think I’d choose Malcolm Gladwell. I’m a fan of his work, and I think he would be a really interesting person to get to know. Actually, one day I was having lunch at the Mark in New York and saw him. We were performing off–Broadway, and I thought I’d love to talk to him and invite him to the show. But he was with somebody else, and I didn’t want to intrude. Since then, I’ve heard him say in multiple interviews that he loves when people talk to him. I’ve been kicking myself ever since.

ER What is your travel essential?

AM My travel pillow. It’s key for that great sleep.

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