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Risa Sanchez: Mastering Aeroplan for Family Reunions



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enRoute Why does Aeroplan work for you?

Risa Sanchez It’s been a big help in many ways over different stages of my life. When my kids were students, they went to universities in Nova Scotia and Maine. I was a single mother at the time and I was able to use my points to fly them home. I also like the assurance and security of knowing that if you have to cancel your trip, you can get your points back.

ER Most recent Aeroplan redemption?

RS Now, I use my points to see my grandchildren in Phoenix, Arizona. They were five and three on my last visit. Now they’re six and four. I visit them when it’s cold here and they visit me to escape the heat there. I always get my workout in with those boys.

November 1, 2023
Risa Sanchez and her husband at a golf course in Phoenix, Arizona
Photo: courtesy of Risa Sanchez
Risa Sanchez stands by a river with a boat in the background
Photo: courtesy of Risa Sanchez

ER How do you earn most of your Aeroplan points?

RS I’ve had an Aeroplan credit card for years and I use it whenever I go shopping, whether at the pharmacy, Sephora, Winners or Homesense. I just used it for my car repairs.

Risa Sanchez and her husband at a beach restaurant with a sunset in the background
   Photo: Courtesy of Risa Sanchez

ER Do you have a dream destination?

RS I’d like to go on a big family trip to Spain and use some of my points to fly family members there.

ER What is your secret travel talent?

RS I never miss the chance to catch up on the movies I want to watch that my husband has no interest in, like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings even on overnight flights. Most people will fall asleep, but I will not miss the opportunity.

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